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Our single-ingredient raw rabbit meal is a highly digestible dish for those with sensitive tums or known food allergies. If your pup struggles with chicken, opt for rabbit — a low-fat source of protein, packed with amino acids. This is also a great choice for new raw food feeders, who can use it as a base for their own DIY recipes or elimination diets.

500g frozen pack.


May include: Whole Rabbit (with bones, heart, spleen, pancreas & glands), rabbit meat, rabbit heart lung, rabbit liver, rabbit kidney

Handling & Storage

Keep frozen (-18°C) until ready to use; thaw in chiller overnight. Divide into daily meal portions and refreeze or refrigerate leftovers, use within 48 hours. Do not cook/heat.

As with any raw meat, standard safe hygienic practices should be observed at all times to avoid deterioration. Ensure all utensils, work areas and hands are thoroughly washed with warm soapy water after handling.

Feeding Guide

This food is suitable for dogs & cats of all ages, see our Feeding Guide for advice.


Making the switch for most dogs means gradually transitioning to new food so their stomach doesn’t get upset—especially if they are used to eating kibble (imagine how your stomach would react if you ate the equivalent of cereal puffs every day and then had a steak!). A new diet causes disruption of the good bugs in your dog’s gut—called the microbiome—but if you take your time, their microbiome will adapt.

It should take ~10 days, some dogs take a full month, so please go at your dog's pace! The big rule is to work towards carefully & slowly swapping over your dog's food.

We recommend a 2 week transition using the below table as a guide:

Days: 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 12+
New diet 20% 40
Old diet 80

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