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Our Story

Meet the brand that actually puts dogs & cats first. 🥇

Pet health has always come after cost, convenience and fads. Not at WildChow. We set aside insane markups and make food that's ~really~ good for your pet — what they actually need, crave, and deserve.


At WildChow, 
we always keep it fresh.


From the day we learned the truth about how mass-market pet food is made, WildChow has had a simple mission: make better, fresher food for pets so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.

We took a closer look at what was out there, searched high and low, and we couldn’t find anything we felt good about feeding our dog. (Have you read a dog food label? Wtf is butylated hydroxyanisole?!)

Don’t get us wrong, there are some better dry food brands out there, but the options are decreasing. We won’t preach that everyone should do raw feeding, because every pet is different. Some pets are better with raw, some require cooked foods for therapeutic reasons, but our big rule is to feed fresh and variety. 

Enter WildChow.
Two girls rigorously taste-testing meals with their pups, even the same protein from sources of both ends of the spectrum, and eventually prepping food in small batches for their own pups. After years on what is now WildChow Grounded-Raw, an underweight dog with an on-and-off-relationship with diarrhoea is now happy, lively and diarrhoea-free. 

When pets eat right, they... poo better. More nutrients are digestible, so less junk comes out the other end. 🎉

That’s why we take great pride in carefully and responsibly sourcing high-quality fresh-flown ingredients in all our meals and treats. Read more about our free-ranging, antibiotic & hormone-free ingredients here.

WildChow is ultra-high protein with no fillers or mystery ingredients of any kind, because we *actually* care about dogs and cats. 🙃 We use predominantly meat (up to 99%) and nutritious green leafy vegetables for natural vitamins and minerals, intentionally naturally low GI vegetables and never use starchy and sugary carrots to make up for lost weight in cooked foods. 

All our NRC complete and balanced recipes are formulated with severe fussy eaters in mind (we use our own notoriously fussy vegetable hater pup as a benchmark).

✕ No strong smelling vegetables that might turn off your picky one
✕ Never exceeds 20% of meals so it meets nutrient requirements, but never used to make up for weight in foods to increase profit margins (you'd be surprised how many brands do that, just look at the color of their meals for a start!) 

Fruits & vegetables are great fibre and mineral sources for dogs, but they really don't need too much of them either. It's recommended to provide no more than 20% vegetables in BARF diets. Our meals exceed the nutritional guidelines established by the NRC's Nutrient Requirements of adult dogs & cats. 

Why Human-Edible & Restaurant-Grade Matter

Why? The alternative (feed-grade) isn't safe for human consumption, and we believe that if it's not good enough to put on our plates, it shouldn't even be on our pet's bowls. Our ingredients are SFA-approved, humanely-harvested, and responsibly-sourced, our food is produce in our AVS-licensed temperature-controlled facility—no nasty, processed stuff, unnecessary filler or mystery-ingredients, ever.



Meet our Pickiest Tasters


Likes: Burrowing on the couch, kicking cushions off the bed
Dislikes: Baths, brushing, any personal grooming
Best known for: 24/7 home CCTV, Wagging his booty

Likes: Eating while laying down, rolling on the floor, licking his hoomans
Dislikes: Loud engine noises, the beach (and anything wet, but loves fish!) 
Best known for: Voicing his opinions outdoors

Have any questions or need recommendations on what could be a good match for your pet? Drop us a message on WhatsappInstagram or email us at hello@wildchowpet.com.

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