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Butcher's Curation

Only our finest selections of grass fed, pasture-raised meats from farm to table, sourced from the pristine grasslands and farms of Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand and Malaysia.

With authenticity and quality as our guiding principles, we meticulously source from sustainable famers and growers because:

Ethically sourced meats tend to be richer in nutrients, promotes environmentally friendly business practices, and preserves the environment, ie. prevents overgrazing. We source from countries closest to us, ensuring the lowest possible carbon emission whenever possible.

Butcher's Curation is a mindful approach to a healthy diet for your pets. Let us kickstart your fresh-feeding journey and be your go-to destination for carefully selected, ethically sourced food for your dogs and cats. In all we do, we want to help your pets eat fresher, and downright healthier.

  1. Rabbit Kidney
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  2. Cage-free Duck Hearts