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Prices have peaked and are increasingly volatile due to shortages of Australian lamb and cattle.

What if Thanksgiving came everyday? Your pup's sure to gobble up this meal that's built around heart-healthy turkey, grass-fed lamb leg and lamb offal, plus vitamin-rich squash and micronutrient-dense kombu. See below for details on how it's jam packed with goodness.

‚úď 95% Meat & offal (ultra-high protein, we mean it!)

‚úď Formulated for dogs

‚úď Free-ranging, antibiotic & hormone-free, fresh prime cuts

‚úď Nutritionally balanced & complete

‚ústNo ingredients you don't recognise

‚úď No¬†nasty, processed stuff,¬†funky filler or mystery-ingredients

‚ústFormulated with¬†notorious picky eaters/veg haters in mind; no¬†strong smelling veg and never¬†exceeds 20% of meals to meet specific nutrient requirements.¬†

Why are our recipes based on NRC standards?

Our meals are formulated based on the nutrient requirements established by the National Research Council. These formulations do away with ratios and percentages of body weight entirely. Instead, it is a more precise method of feeding that achieves nutritional balance based on your pet’s specific needs by utilising the nutrient requirements established by science-backed research and recommendations. All recipes are formulated to meet NRC standards, each ingredient in the formulation is calculated to determine the exact nutrients your pet requires daily for optimal health, eliminating any guesstimation that often comes with home-made diets. 

All WildChow recipes are formulated to meet NRC standards and are calculated above your pet’s recommended allowance while considering safe upper limits, which accounts for vitamin and mineral interactions, anti-nutrients present in some foods, and any bioavailability concerns.

It’s important to note that most PMR / single protein diets are not able to mimic wild prey completely and cannot fill common nutritional gaps. Therefore, WildChow NRC balanced recipes are formulated to include a variety of animal ingredients to complete NRC guidelines so that your pet will benefit from the lovely different vitamins and minerals each meat has to offer. We encourage you to experiment with as many variety as possible so your pup can have the best possible nutrition and grow healthily during their lifetime! If your pet has allergies/sensitivities, please always check the full ingredient list to ensure suitability. Pets with sensitivities may opt for our Single Protein or 80/10/10 meals.


Free range turkey thigh, grass-fed lamb leg, lamb hearts, lamb liver, lamb kidney, blue lipped mussels, kombu, goji berries, apples, bok choy, cauliflower, zucchini, green cabbage, blueberries, butternut squash, green bean, parsley, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, pasteurized eggshells, omega-3 fish oil (non-GMO anchovy, mackerel & sardine origin), psyllium husks, magnesium bisglycinate, thiamin (vitamin B1), zinc picolinate, vitamin D3, vitamin E

Note - Turkey is seasonal, so this product is not available all year round.

Ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus


NRC Statement

This product is formulated based on the nutritional levels established by theNRC's Nutrient Requirements of Adult Dogs. Calorie content (calculated): 1259 kcal ME/kg.

Handling & Storage

Keep frozen. Defrost in fridge 24 hrs before devouring.

As with any raw meat, standard safe hygienic practices should be observed at all times to avoid deterioration. Ensure all utensils, work areas and hands are thoroughly washed with warm soapy water after handling.

Never cook, re-heat or microwave as our Grounded-Raw range are formulated to be consumed raw, and may contain bones. Cooked bones will splinter and cause serious internal damage to mouth, teeth and intestinal lining. Remaining food can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hrs. Do not refreeze.

Feeding Guide

Feed as complete meal or food topper. Suitable for adult dogs of all sizes. Feed 2-3 times the amount for puppers under 11 months.

More questions? We're available on Whatsapp, Instagram DM or email at!

Dog Weight Adult
kg grams daily
2-4 113-190
4-6 190-260


Making the switch for most dogs means gradually transitioning to new food so their stomach doesn‚Äôt get upset‚ÄĒespecially if they are used to eating kibble (imagine how your stomach would react if you ate the equivalent of cereal puffs every day and then had a steak!). A new diet causes disruption of the good bugs in your dog‚Äôs gut‚ÄĒcalled the microbiome‚ÄĒbut if you take your time, their microbiome will adapt.

It should take ~10 days, some dogs take a full month, so please go at your dog's pace! The big rule is to work towards carefully & slowly swapping over your dog's food.

We recommend a 2 week transition using the below table as a guide:

Days: 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 12+
New diet 20% 40
Old diet 80

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