Furry Rabbit Ears

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50 gm dried wt. = about 3-4 pieces
100 gm dried wt. = about 7-9 pieces
200 gm dried wt. = about 14-17 pieces

These Furry Rabbit Ears consist of 100% low-fat cartilage with “skin and hair” and are an excellent source of manganese and fibre for your dog or cat’s diet while flushing out any nasties in your dog’s digestive system. 

Manganese, often lacking in most conventional diets, is required in every pet’s diet for healthy, strong ligament development and maintenance. 

Rabbit meat is low in fat and cholesterol which makes it highly suitable for overweight dogs, more senior dogs or those prone to arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other joint issues. The healthy fats in rabbit meat will keep your pet’s joints lubricated and coat shiny.

These rabbit ears are slowly air dried and are the ultimate, healthy chews that dogs and cats of all sizes love to gnaw on. A great addition to any meal - regardless of whether your pet is on a dry, fresh food or raw diet. These hairy rabbit ears are beneficial when used as part of a natural deworming protocol.

Typical Analysis: Protein 65.1%, fat 28.6%, moisture 5.1%, ash 1.9%

Exceptional Benefits

Furry rabbit ears are actually exceptionally good for your dog!

The fur covering the rabbit ears is actually classed as a source of fibre, and as we all know, fibre in the diet aids good digestive health...

  1. As fur is indigestible, it basically brushes its way through the digestive tract and helps to dislodge any nasties (such as worms and eggs) or food residue which can build up over time. This build up of food residue can cause a sluggish digestive system, which can over time cause discomfort. 
  2. Cleaning the digestive tract aids your pooch's body in absorbing most of the nutrients being ingested through the cell wall of the digestive tract.  Clean digestive system = more nutrients absorbed.
  3. The 'brushing' action of the fur also acts as a natural protection against worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system. To achieve optimum protection, it’s advised to feed regularly (we recommend one ear a day) PLUS it helps negate the need for harsh worming tablets.
  4. The fur also aids in cleaning teeth too as it rubs a little of the surface plaque off the gums and between the teeth (without you needing to arm yourself with a toothbrush).
  5. Fibre/fur is great for bulking up poo. To naturally express the anal glands, poo needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through.


  • Feed as is for a high reward treat
  • Add it to a meal as part of their 80% muscle meat intake
  • Feed in moderation
  • Always provide a fresh bowl of water
  • Natural alternative to worming tablets


Always reseal the package and keep refrigerated for up to 30 days, or freeze up to 6 months for max freshness. Do not add a partially chewed item back into the bag, as to not introduce moisture back into the unused product. Store instead in a container in the freezer.


  • Responsibly sourced in the UK
  • Single-ingredient
  • 100% natural
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fur is not removed, nor are the the ears chemically treated before/after dehydration
  • Unprocessed
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • No salt
  • Best For: Dogs & cats of all sizes; puppies from 12 weeks of age

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